kidz bop song makers

the kidz bop songs are awesome but they’re old they want little people to sing them can you help make new ones please & remember  this game is only for kids make a long video but not too long  please   play play


There was a Pre-Kanye. Never an Old Kanye

In the film Her, Joaquin Phoenix develops feelings for an operating system. It appears mutual so they start a relationship. One day he boots up and finds that the OS is leaving him to go be young and free with other OS’s.  Fellow fans, fans in spirit, fans technically, that’s us. We’re Joaquin Pheonix about […]


Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots: Episode Rankings

Yesterday, I fired up Netflix intending to either catch up on the latest season of Better Call Saul or continue my Star Trek TNG rewatch but decided instead to give something called Love, Death & Robots my trademark ten-minute-trial. Already, we were on shaky ground. “Love, Death & Robots” has to be one of the […]


Off Topic Celebrates Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew

Bitches Brew by Miles Davis turns 48 years, 7 months, and 14 days today. To celebrate, a quick primer on Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew. Released on Columbia Records, Bitches Brew marked a continuation of Davis’s experimental jazz-rock phase which he began with In a Silent Way. While critical reception at the time was mixed, Bitches […]


Remembering Iain M. Banks

Today marks five years since Iain Banks, known to fans of his science fiction novels as Iain M. Banks, died of cancer. By the time of his death, he’d become one of the most respected authors in the genre. His series of novels set in the Culture universe pushed the envelope for what utopian futures […]